Black Ferns

“Seattle’s Black Ferns are shining stars of the dark and mysterious underbelly of the city’s massive post-punk scene.”
– Northwest Music Scene

Can you imagine spending the last of your days driving the pacific coast highway, in a beat-up black 1961 Lincoln Continental, watching a skyline marked by fire and observing an ocean clamoring to extinguish those flames? Your desired soundtrack would probably be of the utmost tranquility. Breezeless melodies that have the ability to temper the most infernal circumstances. Black Ferns, a two-piece from Seattle, has captured that mood and sound on their upcoming album.

On this duo’s second album “Devices”, Chris Jordan (bass) and Zoran Macesic (vocals/guitar) find themselves drawing comparisons to Love and Rockets and Interpol while maintaining their unique brand of reverb-drenched haze that animates the ghosts of green rooms. Songs that speak of the tumultuous oscillation of love, and the distress of being a social misfit.