Amazing Electronic Talking Cave

In a decrepit Saint Petersburg flat devoid of any natural sunlight, the paint peels off the walls, the pipes squeal, and the darkness provides the ideal setting for frantic psychedelic creation.

Headed by Russian master of sound Felix Bondarev, who at the time was touring with Russian rockers Mumiy Troll and collaborating with psych legend Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), this project is the culmination of starvation, despair, and pharmaceutically assisted introspective inspiration, circa 2008.

Felix harnessed the influences of his collaborators and musings, synthesizing them into his own synth and guitar-driven form that sits somewhere between shoegaze and post punk. The last release, Radio Psylence marks the end of the AETC era. The legacy of AETC remains in the two official releases and a mountain of unreleased work that may or may not have been lost to time. Perhaps one day they will resurface.